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Duncan Sheik - CLAPTRAP - Adt. Engineer  

Brandon Boyd - Echoes & Cocoons - Bass

Suzanne Vega - Lover, Beloved: - Adt. Engineer  

Duncan Sheik - Legerdemain -Bass

Ryan Adams - Gold - Bass

Micah - I know I know I know - Engineer / Production, keyboards, drum programing, bass

Skylar Grey - The Buried Sessions of Skylar Grey - Bass, keyboards, programing

O Dark Thirty - Bass

David Poe - Joy - Bass

Duncan Sheik - Brighter Later - Bass

Duncan Sheik - Brighter Greatest Hits - Bass

Duncan Sheik - Debut - Bass

The Weepies - Say I Am You - Bass

Peter Bradley Adams - Gather Up - Bass

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Florance And The Machine - Live production

Skylar Grey - Musical director, live production, engineer, live bassist and keyboards

Maroon5 - Live production, engineer

Love Ecstasy Terror - Musical director, live production, engineer, live bassist and keyboards

Tessa Rae - Musical director, live production, engineer, live bassist and keyboards

White Arrows - Musical director, live production, engineer

Omniflux - Live production, engineer

MINA - Musical director, live production, engineer


On Stage at World Cafe Live | Duncan Sheik - Bass

On Stage at World Cafe Live | David Poe - Bass

Radicalized - Composer, bass, keyboards, drum programing, producer/engineer

The Avengers Soundtrack 3 “Black Dirt” - Bass

Friends - original soundtrack - Bass

MTV X Effect -"Love Hangover" "Wishupon" - Bass, writer, producer

Moondance Alexander - original soundtrack "Think for each other" - Bass, keyboards, drums, writer, producer/engineer.

Sweet Home Alabama original soundtrack "Gonna make you love me" - Bass

Six Feet Under - HBO original score - Bass, writer, producer

In my pocket - original soundtrack "Sail" - Bass, keyboards, writer, producer


Duncan Sheik - CLAPTRAP - Adt. Engineer

Suzanne Vega - Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson McCullers - production/engineer

Micah - i know, i know, i know - Producer/engineer, Bass, keyboards, drum programing

Pilobolus - SHADOWLAND "JOY" - Production, Bass

Dudley Saunders - The Emergency Lane - Producer/engineer, bass, drums, keyboards, guitar

David Poe - Joy - Producer, Bass

Mighty Six Ninety - Mistakes Like These - Producer, Arranger, Remixing, Programming, Drum Programming

Mighty Six Ninety - After dark Compilation - Producer/engineer, musician
Beautiful Things - Dreamworld - Producer/engineer, bass, keyboards

Lea Herman - The Sign - Producer/engineer, writer, bass, keyboards, drums, guitar

Joel Ceballos - Nocturnal - Producer/engineer, bass

Joel Ceballos - Project 28 - Mixer

Kelly Dalton - Everything Must Go - Engineer, bass


Spring Awakening “Live“ - Production

Pilobolus SHADOWLAND  "JOY" - Bass